Featured Wines | How are they selected?

When you are seated at a table, that it be in the dining room or in the lounge, you will find a table tent display, that list our “Featured Wine.” You will usually find 3 to 4 wines listed, but why? What makes those wines so distinctive from the other wines on our wine list?

A combination of factors comes into play in the selection of those.

Quality wines, that are highly reflective of a specific wine style, at a great value and that pairs well with our menu.

Sal and I have chosen those wines based on those four fundamental factors, so has to guide you through a distinctive experience of wine and food pairing.

The list contains multiple descriptors:


The name of the wine, the winery that produced it and it’s vintage.


The country of origin, region and when relevant the sub region where the wine was produced.


The grape types that composes the wine.

Tasting Notes:

A short description of some of the tasting notes that you will experience will drinking the wine.

Food Pairing:

The best pairing between the wine and some of our dishes on the menu.

Follow this blog to gain a more in depth description of our featured wines, as I will post a blog for each and every one of our selections.

Thierry poli,

Sommelier, C.M.S.