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Randrews 2 days ago

Fusilli Salsiccia & Funghi

Just want to take a few minutes and Thank Terry, Sal and the whole crew. We have been trying to support all our local favorites during this challenging time, and so we ordered for the the "Andrews Crew" since everyone has come home to "Shelter"...have to say, the best "Coronacation Take Out" yet! We miss our Piccolino's date nights and hope we are all back together soon! BUT in the meantime, keep cooking he absolute best Italian in OC!!!!

Mike 6 days ago

Fettuccine Piccolino

Lovely pasta dish filled with delicious shrimp, jumbo scallops and saffron. Their classic pasta dish and my favourite by far!

Gailaking 8 days ago

Calamari Fritti

Calamari is so hard as a take out item. Usually, eating it just out of the fryer is the best. But their Calamari is still so good after bringing it home. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Not rubbery. The two sauces are wonderful, marinara and aioli.

Emilyrenebiehl 9 days ago

Tortellini di Panna & Pollo

INCREDIBLE! Piccolino always has incredibly diligent and committed service every time I go, but that great service on top of this dish...the best! Made me feel like I was back in Italy!

Mhalegre 12 days ago

Fusilli Salsiccia & Funghi

We ordered 7 dishes but I highlighted my favorite. Piccolino's is our absolute go-to for Italian food. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu because everything is delicious. 5 Stars is not enough.

Pasadenamap 12 days ago

Cannelloni di Pollo

My husband's favorite! A treat to order and pick up when we need to stay in.

J 18 days ago

Pepperoni Pizza

There is no contender to this delicious pizza. I love that their quality of ingredients is of such high caliber, definitely taste it. Most pizza places don't use a proper dough fermentation process this chef goes all they way, their dough is perfectly seasoned. I'm not the sugary sauce type which is why I love their famous non-sugary tomato sauce recipe, its most likely great, great nana's recipe. Their pepperoni and cheese selection go hand and glove. You must try this pizza at least once, trust me you'll fall in love as I did!

Lmrwillard about 2 months ago


I recently had the swordfish and it was delicious. It had a delicious sauce with lemon and capers and was so moist. I also love the Cesar salad and get it every time. My husband loves to always get the Salsiccia pizza. Everything we have had here we love and the service is always attentive and professional.

Steen about 2 months ago

Ossobuco di Vitello alla Milanese

Shut the front door it is soo good! If you have not tried ossobucco, get in there now and pray it is on the special! See you there!

Mbnme123 2 months ago

Capellini alla Checca

Today was my first visit. I received a warm welcome from Sal at the bar. It's nice to see a fine restaurant in Mission Viejo area. The bar is very cozy with comfortable seating at the bar or table surrounding. The food was delicious. I had a caesar salad with the cappelini alla checca. Very few restaurants today give excellent service, but I felt this was a true dining experience. The server anticipated every need and we overstayed lunch hours, but were not ushered out like some would do. Actually, just the opposite. I would recommend this restaurant for menu, atmosphere and especially the sincere warmth of employees.

Hgarnreiter 3 months ago

Tortelloni di Zucca

This dish is incredible - and I've eaten a LOT of pumpkin flavored items! Theres just the right amount of pumpkin flavor, so you taste the luscious spices but it's light enough can enjoy it even when it isn't fall. It's the ultimate comfort food but done elegantly. This whole restaurant has amazing dishes, ambiance & service!

Greg 3 months ago


Grilled Rack of Lamb Ordered this dish from the nightly specials menu. It was finished with a demi-glace sauce with a hint of mint and served with roasted potato's and broccolini. The lamb was perfect and more tender than a fillet. I highly recommend this dish.

Jbmputnam 3 months ago

Arancine del Giorno

Best happy hour in Orange County. Amazing quality food at a reasonable price. Hidden gem!

Miagiana 4 months ago

Tortelloni di Zucca

It doesn't matter what you order here - you'll never be disappointed. FRESH is something you can count on every time. ( try any shrimp dish!) Service is stellar every time. It's a favorite because it's the best Italian restaurant in the area. Upscale decor and fantastic wine selection.

Mhalegre 5 months ago

Frutti di Mare

Piccolino is absolutely wonderful! It's the closest I've come to having real Napolitano food here in CA. Everything was great - the food as well as the service were top notch!

Opty101 5 months ago

Mista di Salmone

Amazing. Best I've ever had.

Haganc33 5 months ago

Pollo Piccata

Love Piccolino! When I come in I very much like to sit in the bar, although I have dined in the restaurant plenty. Tina and Leah make a great add for a nice evening. Their service is wonderful. The food is mind blowing! I love the Pollo Piccata, the Linguini alle Vongole, and the Fettucini Mara Monte (but with filet, even though it's been taken off the menu), the cognac cream sauce is heavenly. Keep at it Piccolino, your customers love you!

Mjwikum 5 months ago

Tortino di Spinaci & Formaggio

This is simply the best. Each bite gets better as the dish cools and suddenly you're done and desperate to visit again. This has been my life for six months and it's still my favorite.

Aspmax2003 5 months ago

Arancine del Giorno

We are new to MV and this has become our local hang out! We love popping over for sips and nibbles while watching the game. The staff is friendly and they have quickly remembered us. The owner has been there every time we have been by. The other guests are just as friendly. We want to come for dinner but get swayed into the bar area. This restaurant is a gem and we are happy to have found a wonderful local Italian place. We moved down from LA and were not sure we would find a quaint establishment. We are so happy we stumbled on Piccolino!

Mrscalvano1 6 months ago

Cannelloni di Pollo

I cannot day enough positive things about the cannelloni and Piccolino. What a wonderful restaurant with impeccable service and exquisite food. Our family plans to celebrate all our special occasions here for the foreseeable future.

Jennifer 3 days ago

Salmone alla Griglia

I've been to Piccolino many times and have had many dishes. While every single one of them is superb, the grilled salmon is my absolute favorite! I wish I knew how to replicate the combination of the perfect crispy outside and buttery melt-in-your-mouth inside. The flavor is spectacular, and the sides are always perfection! Speaking of perfection, the service is warm, efficient, welcoming, and altogether excellent! It's feels like a family environment, yet with first class above and beyond service! Every server there is extremely well versed with the menu and is happy to answer any questions you may have. I lives in Tuscany for a time and have traveled extensively. I travel not for tourism, but for the exploration of culture. I have been to many Italian restaurants worldwide, and I haven't found another that as closely simulates my experience as a resident in Italy itself.

Wallersteink 8 days ago

San Daniele

I LOVE this place. I was going a few times a week. Their happy hour is great I usually get a pizza and if I sit in the main area everything I've eaten has been great and the staff is beyond amazing. Honestly this is one of my happy places.

Kimvarden 9 days ago

Grilled Mexican Shrimp

Love this place!!! Friendly staff....and fabulous food!

Susan 11 days ago

Polpette alla Marsala

Amazing food and great ambience… The marsala and lemon piccata is amazing. The salads are super fresh & beautifully presented

Ginger 12 days ago

Antipasto Misto

Absolutely superior quality. Paired with a Caesar salad, didn't have room for the pizza! Oh, too bad. Have to reheat it for lunch tomorrow. I encourage all of you to stock up on "gift cards" !!! You know you're going to use them anyways!!!

Guest 18 days ago

Rotolo di Mare Chiaro

This is some of the most amazing pasta I've ever eaten in my life. The flavors of shrimp, crab, and lobster all come through in a perfect balance. If heaven had a taste it would be this dish! Loved it, can't wait for next time

Jbmputnam about 1 month ago

Capellini Scampi Scampi

Unbelievable food! Scampi was absolutely perfect. Best restaurant in Orange County by far.

Lisa about 2 months ago

Polenta & Funghi

this was amazing...the polenta was creamy and moist and the portions are very generous! Combine it with the meatballs and you won't be disappointed!

Alysenursement33 2 months ago

Calamari Fritti

Ok so im a calamari snob. I love love love this dish. Cooked to perfection. The falovors are amazing. Its not chewy or rubbery. This dish melts in your mouth. My husband and I come here ever anniversary NO MATTER WHAT. We ways try new things. The atmosphere, the service is impeccable. The flavoras are devine. No matter if its the calamari, the seafood dish with squid ink noodle, to pizza or simple alfredo everything is just breath taking. The atmosphere is amazing ever single time we have ever gone the manager always come out to make sure everyone is having an exceptional experience. The price point for the quality and amount of food you get is just right. I tell all my freinds, family and loved ones about this hidden gem.

Ann 2 months ago

Tortino di Spinaci & Formaggio

this was served at a luncheon recently that I attended and it was absolutely the best I've ever tasted. I would have to admit it was better then my 100% Italian Grandma (don't let her hear I said that). Thank you for the great food, it was truly a pleasure.

Sidneyruiz13 3 months ago

Strozzapreti all' Ortolana

Wonderful dish that was very simple yet flavorful. Would definitely recommend if you like veggies!

Larrywsmith 3 months ago

Tagliolini Salmone

The Salmon was out of this world. Perfect quality and flavor. Served with risotto and veggies which were also absolutely wonderful. It's a little pricey but we don't mind when you're getting your money's worth. EVERYTHING, including the service is SUPERB. Money well spent. We will definitely be returning...What a treat!

Zhaldeesia 4 months ago

Riccioli al Nero ai Sapori Mediterranei

Piccolino Ristorante ad appeared on my phone one day. I browsed at the pictures and the "Black Spaghetti" got my attention. That night when I got home, I showed the website to my wife, she looked at the menu and she got interested. We went a few days later with her best friend and my coworker. I ordered the "Riccioli al Nero ai Sapori Mediterranei" and it was very good. Just the right balance between seafood and pasta. And before I forget, the service and the ambience is perfect too. We were able to hear each other and make a good conversation. Overall, it was a very good night out with friends. Thank you Piccolino Ristorante!

Dhruv0412 4 months ago

Arancine del Giorno

Excellent - well cooked

Renee 5 months ago

Scaloppine di Vitello ai Carciofi

I LOVE this restaurant!! Add to this the carpaccio the pasta Piccolino & the chocolate lava cake 😋. Heaven in Mission Viejo ❤️

Lisa 5 months ago

Tartufato con Salsiccia & Funghi di Bosco

This Risotto is the best. I love the sausage mixed in with the earthiness of the mushrooms. I also love the Osso Buco with the Saffron Risotto as well. Whenever they have that on special, I really don't need to see the rest of the menu.

Mjwikum 5 months ago

Truffled Patatine Fritte

Delish & very fresh. Order right away to enjoy with your drinks. These are worth the wait.

Dan 5 months ago

Capellini Scampi Scampi

We visited Piccolino tonight on a last-minute decision . We were greeted graciously and seated quickly . The ambience and Atmosphere is wonderful! Started with the Piccolino salad which was almost too beautiful to eat! Yum! We both ordered the specials of braised short rib and veal shank . Both served to perfection! To get anything similar you're going to have to jump on a plane and go 8000 miles to Italy . That was our chat while enjoying our meal. Thank you Piccolino For making a great dining experience! we will be back!

Gberg9 6 months ago

Gnocchi Vodka & Salvia

Best Italian Restaurant in Orange County. I should know I was in the restaurant biz for over 20 years. Sal, Terry and the gang are the best. One of my favorite dishes is the osso buco with fettuccine Alfredo. Also a must have is the burratta.

Plbullock 6 months ago

Scaloppine di Vitello Piccata

What an amazing dish! I always tell myself I'm doing to try something new but I always go back to this dish and it never disappoints. Perfectly sliced veal . Delicious! We love Piccolino's! Our favorite little hidden gem ❤️


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